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 Akarui Clan- Boil Release

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PostSubject: Akarui Clan- Boil Release   Sun May 01, 2011 6:28 pm

Clan Surname: Akarui
Clan Insignia: A small triange with a circle taking up most of the inside
Kekkei Genkei: Futton; Boil Release. By mixing their natural chakra natures together (Suiton and Katon), they can create and manipulate the element of Boil. This is a given ability for all members of the clan; no matter whether only one of their parents holds the bloodline.
Formation of the Clan: The Akarui clan was formed at the start of the Shinobi world; one of the 'founding' clans between the Nations. It was a very respected clan that was feared for their abilities in all the wars that happened. The clan expanded past the founding village's reach, and into the other Nations whenever the wars and conflicts settled down. It was always well-recognised for its very strict regulations, such as women always being classed lower than men. As sexist as it may seem, it was a way of life that many accepted. Even today there is immense sexism between the genders, despite the clan's current renowned leader being a female. One cannot teach an old dog new tricks, as the saying goes, because the most sexist in the clan branches are the elders that pass this down onto the younger generation.

The clan has remained strong throughout the years and is still very feared for their ability of the deadly element; Futton.
Village: Any (although the largest branches are in Sunagakure and Kirigakure)
Clan Jutsu:
The jutsu of this clan vary from person to person; branch to branch. There are no set jutsu.
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Akarui Clan- Boil Release
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