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 Sai's one post Training

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PostSubject: Sai's one post Training   Tue May 10, 2011 8:58 pm

Train the soul to become stronger in heart, train the heart to become stronger in mind, and train the mind to train the body. It's deep mountain cracks and stone lead all the way to the unkown. The wind blew uneven and harsh, but at least this jounin didn't run in a marsh. He pulled out one wapon, one wsord, his soul. It moved with grace, but not his status quo. The long while he trained, his eyes stayed closed. Sai danced the way of swords and of his style he flipped and turned his weapon around. With little frustration he trained his dance, one step left, pulling the weapon to the right and hoisting the elbow tight. Sai preformed his kenjutsu style; he flowed for strength and passion every once in a while. If only to train alone in the canyons was not so cold. Sai's breath was invisible, but the wind blew the frozen gale of heatless mail. After an hour of his rythmic beat, his fingers and feet became stale. Once his hand grew numb and his eyes searching through the eternal darkness behind his eyes lids, became accustomed to themselves, he could ignore all the pain there was to the canyon training.

Left, pull the elbow back, create the bow, set 19. Arm down, move the leg around the back, pull the weapon around, left, pull the elbow down, attack! His eyes opened and he jabbed the air with his weapon. Set 20, pair 3 Sai felt fatigued after training a long hour and a half. His fingers were glued to his weapon, and he could only hold on longer. His body felt sturdy, like the iron of the gates, and the steel of his blade. Sai moved his arms around and reclipped the buttons on his kimono. His hat was securly on his head and his dialated eyes were annoyed by the sun glowing down into the canyons. I must train myself further. I will create the fourth pair for my style soon. It will increase my ability for speed and agility, but it will take me an eternal day to perfect it. Sai began to trek the canyon back to the village. he wasn't far from the canyon entrance and his journey back would be as quick flowing as the breeze was going. His mind and body were tired of the old ways of training, it began to boar him and he wanted to become as strong as his brother was.

(over 400 words)
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Sai's one post Training
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