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Uzumaki Ken
Uzumaki Ken

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PostSubject: Jinchuuriki~   Jinchuuriki~ EmptySat Apr 30, 2011 2:56 am


This is a list of all the Bijuu, a small piece of information on their appearance and powers, and their starting Bijuu Control level for Jinchuuriki's. This list also details how many transformations a Bijuu has, in order to keep Bijuu with tail counts under four on a similar number of transformations as other Jinchuuriki with similar control type.

    Jinchuuriki~ Shukaku
  • Ichibi no Shukaku - A Raccoon dog with control over sand storms.

    Tails: One
    Control: Fortfied
    Seal: Crude
    Jinchuuriki: Ichibi
    Player: Lemon
    Stat Bonus: ~ +10 Intelligence +10 Strength, +5 Physical Endurance

    Jinchuuriki~ Nibi
  • Nibi no Nekomata - A Cat with fire breathing powers, and control over souls

    Tails: Two
    Control: Average
    Seal: Balanced
    Jinchuuriki: Nibi
    Player: ---
    Stat Bonus: ~ +10 Speed, +10 Intelligence, +5 Agility

    Jinchuuriki~ Sanbi
  • Sanbi no Isonade - A large tortoise with control over tides and water.

    Tails: Three
    Control: Excessive
    Seal: Crude
    Jinchuuriki: Sanbi
    Player: ---
    Stat Bonus: ~ +10 Physical Endurance, +10 Chakra Reserves, +5 Strengh

    Jinchuuriki~ Yonbi
  • Yonbi no Sokou - A large vulture with snake like tails. Has control over poison and acid.

    Tails: Four
    Control: Excessive
    Seal: Crude
    Jinchuuriki: Yonbi
    Player: ---
    Stat Bonus: ~ +10 Intelligence, +10 Speed, +5 Agility

    Jinchuuriki~ Gobi
  • Gobi no Houkou - Dog with control over elements and natural disasters.

    Tails: Five
    Control: Low
    Seal: Fortified
    Player: Neon
    Stat Bonus: ~ +10 Intelligence, +10 Speed, +5 Intelligence

    Jinchuuriki~ Rokubuki
  • Rokubi no Raijuu - A ferret or weasel with control over lightning, and the ability to hide in very small places.

    Tails: Six
    Control: Average
    Jinchuuriki: Rokubi
    Player: ---
    Stat Bonus: ~ +10 Agility, +10 Speed, +5 Intelligence

    Jinchuuriki~ Kaku
  • Shichibi no Kaku - Badger with the ability to shapeshift and control over earth.

    Tails: Seven
    Control: Average
    Seal: Fortified
    Jinchuuriki: Shichibi
    Player: ---
    Stat Bonus: ~ +10 Speed, +10 Intelligence, +10 Chakra Reserves

    Jinchuuriki~ Eightails
  • Hachibi - A powerful Chimera that is a mixture of an Ox and an Octopus. This beast has large reserves of power, and has a lust for combat.

    Tails: Eight
    Control: Low
    Jinchuuriki: Hachibi
    Player: Akuhei
    Stat Bonus: ~ +5 to all stats except intelligence.

    Jinchuuriki~ Sixtailedicon
  • Kyuubi no Youki - An extremely powerful kitsune with adept control over fire, and dimension planes.

    Tails: Nine
    Control: Low
    Player: Yakichi, Hikaru
    Stat Bonus: ~ +10 to all stats except intelligence.

    To reserve a Bijuu for your jinchuuriki, simply apply with the form below in this thread.

[b]Bijuu Desired:[/b]


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Uzumaki Ken
Uzumaki Ken

Posts : 167
Join date : 2010-07-06
Age : 28
Location : Konohagakure

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Character Age: 27
Bloodline: Uzumaki
Rank: Hokage

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PostSubject: Re: Jinchuuriki~   Jinchuuriki~ EmptySat Apr 30, 2011 3:00 am

Bijuu and the Legend of the Tailed Beasts

Since the very first dawn of the this world there have been creatures roaming the lands with unspeakable horrid power to the extent that early man dared call these creatures gods. In total there were nine of these false gods with each of these having a certain number of tails seemingly representing their rank among themselves or their status of power. The fewer the tails then the weaker the beastie was then the rest of its kind, this would be the main trait that gave these gods there name; Bijuu or The Tailed Beasts. Both the lands and these people were mere toys to be broken and manipulated with by these Bijuu; those capible of speech demanding shrines or offerings to please them.

Like sand through an hour-glass time slowly slipped by as encounters with
these creatures grew rare though the false goods did make themselves known whenever they choose to do so. What had been called gods at one point were now considered devils whom strived in their own personal desires be it the power they had on man or the sacrifices of fear and carnage they were offered. Soon enough these beasts began fighting amongst eachother believing that only one among them should rule over these creatures called humans. These battles lasted months, sometimes even years, destorying everything in their path be it innocent souls or the earth itself as death and disease spread like a plague through theirbrawls. And then he came.... the man had no true name nor a home merely being a wandering soul doing whatever he could whenever he could.

This man marked with stark gray eyes with concentric ripple-like circles around the pupils weilded powers not unlike the Bijuu themselves. It'd be this unknown stranger who would bring light to a darkened world possessing a solution to these Bijuu yet like the monsters themselves this solution called for sacrifices. The idea was that they would bound these creatures within mortal flesh though this called for a person to sacrifice themselve to be the container of these false gods. Jinchuurikior "power of human sacrifice" were the names given to those poor souls whom would offer themselves to save their people from the Bijuu. Some of these creatures proved to be too powerful to be sealed into a human so
instead their bodies were sealed to various shrines spread across the lands. An interesting side-effect to becoming a jinchuuriki was that the huamn would gain features and faint abilities akin to those of the bijuu inside their bodies. In case these jinchuuriki grew out of control or the Bijuu somehow freedom themselves from their seals the wanderer taught the people his own abilities. This was the birth of ninjutsu, with this lone wanderer being named the Rokudou Sennin or Six Realms Sage due to his six different types of abilities.

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Uzumaki Ken
Uzumaki Ken

Posts : 167
Join date : 2010-07-06
Age : 28
Location : Konohagakure

Shinobi Card
Character Age: 27
Bloodline: Uzumaki
Rank: Hokage

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PostSubject: Re: Jinchuuriki~   Jinchuuriki~ EmptySat Apr 30, 2011 3:01 am

Jinchuuriki and the Beast Within

Long ago, when human malice and hatred thrived in the world. Powerful beings, attracted to their ferocity towards one another, came forth to feed on their energy. These beasts were known as Bijuus, or Tailed Demons. They were each powerful in and of themselves, and all came for a variety of different reasons, such as Nibi coming to fight the other Bijuus in the name of his god, Shinigami. Or the Kyuubi himself, being summoned by unknown means, to destroy and devour the other tailed beasts. Whatever their reasons, they came forth and ravaged the land and destroyed entire villages in the process. The people of the world were desperate for some kind of answer. Their prayers would soon be answered...

Soon, a man came from the darkness, one who bore soulless gray eyes that held infinite power. He was capable of wielding powers that reminisced of the gods themselves. He used his infinite power, now known as ninjutsu, and taught the world to subdue the beasts. By using techniques known as sealing jutsu, the people of the world were capable of successfully subduing and defeating the Bijuu. They used these sealing techniques to seal the large tailed beasts into places that were then called Shrines. Every tailed beast had its own shrine, and their they were held, while ninja and human culture developed. However, these
prisons were incapable of lasting forever, poorly built and barely maintained, the Bijuus inevitably broke free of their prisons, and escaped back to the nether from whence they came.

After a while, the kingdom that Rinnegan had built flourished, and ninjas were commonplace throughout the world. With Ninjas, however, came war. People constructed armies and weapons of vast power and waged war on one another, wantonly slaughtering each other. Once again, human malice and the desire to destroy one another, brought the mighty tailed beasts out, in an attempt to wipe existance and start anew. However, the ninja villages had a new plan for the Bijuu. They had learned through trial and error, that the physicality of demons could be bound to humans, to create not only a prison that would last, but a powerful ninja, that fought not only with their own fervor, but the fervor of the hellish demon they were imbued with. The brave souls that bore the weight of the
powerful demons, would forever be known as Jinchuuriki. In this day and age, the Bijuu were sought after to be used as weapons of mass destruction against the other nations.

Jinchuuriki, the power of human sacrifice, was not as successful a project as the villages had hoped, however. The process was not easy, and required one who was knowledgeable with sealing jutsu to an extreme level. Not only this, but the person doing the sealing, also had to be willing to give their life for this cause. The sealer would give their life to bind the soul of the demon to the host, and together they created a Jinchuuriki. These Jinchuuriki were created to be heroes and powerful warriors for their village, but the councils of the numerous village didn't expect the side effects of having a demon taking residence in your body. The Jinchuuriki's personality and body were altered by their Bijuu, and many were unable to properly control their bijuu, and began to go on violent
rampages, induced by fear or anger. The men and women of many villages began to shun the Jinchuuriki, because it is hard for people to forgive and forget the Bijuu who slaughtered their family and destroyed their homes. To them, instead of seeing a person, they instead only saw a beast.

Even though some Jinchuuriki didn't meet this fate,
feared or loved, they still existed as outcasts. No man or woman aside
from another Jinchuuriki could understand the painful and mind altering
effects of being possessed by one of the Bijuu's powerful and
influencing auras. While their demon prisoners gave them immense power
and the potential for great and wondrous deeds, many never learned to
control their Bijuus. Those who did, however, become vastly powerful and
influential in their home village.

The Mechanics!

I know after reading the title you are all thinking, 'Thank you,
Captain Exposition!' I am also sure after reading all that story line
mess you are ready to learn about the mechanics of your Bijuu in combat,
and how the tails system is going to work, but, hey, guess what? I've
got more exposition for you! HAH!

The Tailed Beast

Obviously, they are called Bijuu, or tailed beasts for a very good
reason. Each of them has a specific number of tails that determined
their overall prestige and importance in the hierarchy of the nine.
Don't take this to say that the seven tails was stronger than the five
tails. The number of tails of a creature had little to do with their
level of power, as Gobi was very much more powerful than Schchibi in the
legend. However, for Jinchuuriki's the number of tails you have out, or
what stage of transformation you are in, determines how lethal or
bestial you have become. Again, don't take this to say that a beast with
more tails will necessarily be more dangerous than one with less. There
will be a system to help alleviate the issue of lower tailed beasts
having less flexibility later. Do take note however, that Hachibi and
Kyuubi are two beasts that are considered quite a bit stronger than the
others and will be held to higher standards, taking this into
consideration. Also, this is not meant to say that my Kyuubi Jinchuuriki
is going to be outright stronger than your character. It only means
that the Kyuubi itself has a higher top end level of power in regards to
chakra and power output. This means that when those two Jinchuuriki
reach the lofty heights of their seventh or eighth tails, they will have
a higher overload of power, than other Bijuu. As you will see, however,
this will matter very little in the grand scheme of things, as the
fourth tail and beyond is going to be extremely difficult to unlock.

The Prison Bars Themselves

The type of sealing that holds your Jinchuuriki's Bijuu in is very important. It will have lasting effects on your characters personality, battle style, and overall appearance in the game. The sealing determines the level of stress put on the user, trying to maintain the prison to keep their Bijuu in, and also how much of its chakra are allowed to seep in and mix with the human host's. Your character has a choice of three sealing types, each with their own unique pros and cons.


A crude sealing is a makeshift seal, or the work of an inexperienced
sealer. This causes the seal to be much larger than the rest of the
seals, covering vast parts of the Jinchuuriki's body in tattoos
representing the prison that holds the beast in. This type of sealing
lets the chakra of the beast drip into the Jinchuuriki in fairly large
quantities, altering their appearance and personality greatly. It also
makes the Jinchuuriki much more reliant on their Bijuu for chakra,
because they use so much of their own to maintain their less than proper
sealing. Because they use a large portion of their own chakra to hold
the seal together their own level of chakra strength, (IE the amount of
chakra summonable at one time to power an attack) is rather low. This
effects the techniques that they can learn and use without the aid of
their Bijuu.

Appearance, personality, and combat style are heavily reliant and influenced by the Bijuu.

Due to chakra usage for the seal it means the
difficulty in learning higher level techniques is much greater without
the Bijuu's chakra. This means that your character must know nine or
less S to A rank techniques. Also, your number of S-rank techniques must
be less than or equal to the number of A-rank ones. An example is your
character can know two S ranks, and three A ranks.

In combat, they have easy access to their Bijuu's power, meaning that in a
combat thread, they can can go up the ladder of tailed transformations
quite quickly. This means that they can go up one tail per post, and can
skip their Jinchuuriki Form (Basic Bijuu release, before tails appear)
entirely if they choose to do so. Also, achieving a partial release or
total release only takes two posts from when the last tail was broken
for a crude seal.

In tailed transformations, Jinchuuriki with crude seals change entirely. Their body becomes much more feral and they will almost be forced to fight on all fours, like an animal. This means that for the most part they will be incapable of using any battle styles that use weapons or heavily rely on things like genjutsu.

Due to their close relationship with their
Bijuu, and the fact that they constantly converse, Jinchuuriki with
crude seals have much milder requirements on the weaknesses of their
tailed transformations. This close relationship also enables them to
control much higher levels of their Bijuu's power. This makes their
tailed transformations more dramatic, and gives them the distinct
advantage of being able to reason and chat with their Bijuu. This allows
them to use the Bijuu as if they had "Excessive Mastery" once per
thread. The Excessive Mastery effect lasts for two posts.


A balanced seal, is one that is properly prepared and
implemented fairly well. The sealing tends to be fairly average in size,
covering the entirety of ones stomach, when they call forth Bijuu
chakra. As the name of the sealing type leads on to believe, this a very
average sealing type, balancing strength of the seal with ease of use.
This is the type of sealing that most well developed nations with
powerful sealing nins tend to perform. The user donates a medium amount
of their chakra to maintaining the seal, and in turn, receive an average
return in their ability to manipulate the chakra of their Bijuu. Their
personality is altered by their Bijuu in a few things, and they tend to
share one or two physical traits with their beast of choice. Their
chakra strength is highly determined by their own personal level of
chakra, but they do have some restrictions on jutsu due to simply having
a seal at all. The seal allows them a fairly large margin for freedom
in character battle style, and how their character acts.

•Appearance, personality, and battle style are only marginally effected by the Bijuu. They start off rather unobtrusive, and become much more prominent as
the chakra is accessed.

•While these seals are much sturdier than Crude seals, they do require a moderate allowance of chakra to maintain. This means that character will have a few restrictions on amount of powerful jutsu that they can use, though it is
much less severe than a crude seal. They are capable of wielding a
maximum of twelve S-rank and A-rank techniques, and the number of
S-ranks must be less than or equal to the number of A-ranks.

•The access that a balanced seal has to their Bijuu's power is much more
restricted, and they take a much more slow and steady approach to tail
usage. This also means that they cannot skip straight from normal mode
to a tailed mode in one turn, they must go into Jinchuuriki mode first.
They can enter Jinchuuriki mode on any post they desire, and then can
enter a one-tailed mode in the post directly after if they choose. After
One-tail has broken, they can only climb in number of tails once every
two posts. A partial or total release of a Bijuu takes three turns from
the last tail transformation.

•In combat, the balanced seal user is usually capable of maintaining the composure of their combat style in their Jinchuurki forms. However, as more tails come out, they are still inclined to fight on all fours. Balanced seal users, however, with practice can gain much more freedom over their style of combat while using Bijuu chakra.

•In times of great danger, a balanced seal user has the ability to enter a state what is known as Bestial Desperation. Due to the lower level of communication between the Jinchuuriki and their demon, the demon sometimes takes it upon himself to impose his great power on the matter at hand, and sends the Jinchuuriki into a higher state of rage and power. This means that in a state of great danger, or life threatening situation, the balanced seal Bijuu can be pushed one tail higher than they can usually muster. Meaning that a Jinchuuriki can bring himself out of a situation that would normally kill him or her. They can wield the extra tail for three posts after it released. After this they come down off of their power high. This Bestial Desperation also harms the Jinchuuriki a great deal,
being pushed past their usual limits. After the effect ends they will
normally be passed out or unable to continue, and will have to be cared
after by a teammate or will have to run and hide.


A fortified seal is the sealing done by someone who
has extensive and in depth knowledge of sealing techniques. They are
usually performed by villages who simply don't trust the Bijuu or what
the Jinchuuriki may do. The wary village leaders use these fortified
seals to suppress the effects of the Bijuu on the user, so that they
don't don't go mad from the pressure of the demon, or go on a rampage as
is commonplace in people who simply can't control their demon. They
have little to no communication with their inner demon, and are rarely
pressured by it at all. They have vast amounts of control over their
Bijuu's chakra, and can use it at their own leisure. It takes an extreme
amount of pressure for the Bijuu to act under its own accord, when
imprisoned like this. Because of this, their seal takes very little to
no chakra to maintain. This means that they have no restrictions on the
jutsu that their character can wield, and are not inclined to
animalistic styles of combat when under the effects of their Bijuu.

•Appearance, battle
style, and personality are affected very little by the Bijuu in
question. They may have one or two personal or physical traits that are
noticeably from their demon. Mostly, they are their own individual,

•Being well designed and easily maintainable,
the seal requires little or no chakra allowance on the part of the
Jinchuuriki. This means that they have absolutely no restrictions on the
amount of S-rank and A-rank jutsu they can wield. Your only barrier is
going to be the admins approval of your techniques.

•Their seal being sturdy and hard to crack, they take a very slow
approach to releasing Bijuu power. Their Jinchuuriki state can be
accessed at will, and can not be skipped under normal circumstances.
They can access their tailed transformations once every four posts in
combat. A fortified seal can not achieve a partial or total release,
without the use of channeled power.

•Due to their Bijuu being suppressed greatly by their seal, releasing Bijuu chakra has little to no effect on their combat style in general. They are capable
of wielding weapons and complicated ninjutsu or genjutsu just as easily
as they could without being under the influence of their Bijuu. They are
not egged on by their Bijuu, and are under no pressure to fight like an
animal or lycanthrope.

•Due to their higher level control over their seal, the user of a fortified seal who gains experience with such things can create an effect known as Channeled Power. Once per thread, the user of a Fortified Seal can use their Channeled Power to skip a tailed transformation under five tails and go straight to the next transformation. This means you can go from normal mode, to a one tailed mode, from Jinchuuriki to two, from one to three, and from two to four. This ability has no bearing on the post count required to transform further. Use of Channeled Power lets you go straight to a total release if you are the max amount of tails for your Bijuu. (IE If you are at one tail as the Shukaku Jinchuuriki, then you
can use channeled power and go straight to total release.)

Claw and Fang,Heeds my Call!

The ability to manipulate and control your Bijuu in order to get the
maximum amount of power you can squeeze out of him is what all
Jinchuuriki strive to do. The amount of control over your Bijuu
determines many things, such as the magnitude of power that your tails
release, and how well you and your Bijuu work together to achieve a
goal. A Jinchuuriki is two separate entities occupying the same space.
Intelligent and experienced Jinchuuriki can use their Bijuu like a
partner, using it to break powerful genjutsu, and to demand more power,
in order to continue their furious, bestial assaults. In order to
increase your level of Bijuu control you have to RP with me directly or
one of the other staff members who approve of your RPing ability can
bring it to my attention. I will consult all the other admins about your
desire to increase your power, and you will also be required to RP at
the level you are currently at for at least a month before even being
considered for Bijuu mastery increase.

Low Control

This is reserved for younger or inexperienced
Jinchuuriki. Those who don't have the proper strength or practice to
control the tailed beast inside them. Low Control is signified by common
loss of control when releasing Bijuu chakra, and low caps on the amount
of power they can handle before going berserk. Those with Low Control
often have balanced or fortified seals, because those types of seals
favor Jinchuuriki's who choose to shun their Bijuu of question.
Jinchuuriki with Low control, often can not demand power from their
Bijuu, instead it is gifted to them in times of need. Take note, that
some Bijuu's start out with Low Control due to their relative power, or

•Can control no more than one tail without becoming
completely uncontrollable. If they get pushed beyond one tail by any
reason or special seal ability, then they immediately become highly
volatile. Remember, when you are at your maximum controllable tails, you
will be very hostiile towards anyone and anything. You can't guarantee
your allies safety, and should be pretty much openly destroying anything
that gets in the way.

•Can not use their Bijuu to break any genjutsu above D rank. Their relationship with the demon in question is too weak for this.

•Can not demand power from their Bijuu at all, the Bijuu will not respect them enough to listen.

Average Control

Intermediate or experienced Jinchuuriki commonly fall in this category.
They are capable of demanding power from their Bijuu every so often, and
have a personable enough relationship to use him like a partner under
certain conditions. They can control much more power than the Low
Control users.

•Can control up to three tails naturally in most
cases, however, a fourth tail can be brought out by special seal
abilities and they can still control it. Any more than four tails and
they will be expelled from combat immediately. Also, users with Average
Control can release a partial release of their Bijuu if it has one.
Remember, when you are at your maximum controllable tails, you will be
very hostiile towards anyone and anything. You can't guarantee your
allies safety, and should be pretty much openly destroying anything that
gets in the way.

•Can use their Bijuu as a partner to break Genjutsu B rank and under. Their relationship with their Bijuu is considered impersonal at best, and he probably only helps them out of pity or his own amusement.

•Can demand more power from their Bijuu once per battle. This increases their strength and speed to twice the normal levels for the post that they demand the power. This can not be done on the same post that they go into a higher tailed transformation.

High Control

Very experienced users with a solid relationship with
their Bijuu can be considered in High Control of their Bijuu. They are
capable of demanding power from their Bijuu much more often than their
less fortunate counterparts. They can also control more tails than the
lower levels of control.

•Can control up to five tails naturally, in most
cases. Anything passed five tails though, is very hard for any normal
human body to handle. Also, a user with High Control can release the
total release of their Bijuu, if it has one. Remember, when you are at
your maximum controllable tails, you will be very hostiile towards
anyone and anything. You can't guarantee your allies safety, and should
be pretty much openly destroying anything that gets in the way.

•Can use their partner to break high leveled genjutsu such as Tsukyomi,
from the Uchiha Clan. You can only break one S-ranked Genjutsu per
thread, however. Which means if the opponent uses a Tsukyomi level
technique again, you are stuck in it.

•Can call upon and demand power from their tailed beast once per battle. This demand of power increases their physical capabilities by twice their normal limits for that tailed form. This can not be used in the same post that you change to a higher tail.

Excessive Control

This level of control is only accessible by those with
a Crude Sealing. This is because those who wield a crude seal have a
direct relationship with their Bijuu. Jinchuuriki with this kind of seal
often come to consider their Bijuu a friend or even a brother. This
level of friendship between host and demon is what gives them the
ability to channel this sudden burst of power. The effects of Excessive
control fade after the post they are used in is over.

•When under the effects of Excessive Control the user can demand power from their Bijuu at an extraordinary level, increasing their power and speed by triple the usual amount. This uses one of the times that they can demand power,per thread. If the user originally had Low Control, they receive a doubled increase in strength and speed, instead of the full effects.

•This allows them to break an extra S-rank Genjutsu over other
Jinchuuriki, while they are in this state of rage.

•As previously stated in the Seal section, this can only be used once per
battle. Also, after the effects of Excessive control wear off, they go
back to one tail below what they were at when they decided to use this
burst of strength.

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