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PostSubject: Ayato Itoku   Ayato Itoku EmptyFri May 13, 2011 11:37 pm

Character Template

Personal Information
Name: Itoku Ayato
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Village: Sunagakure

Appearance Information
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160lbs
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Sea Blue
Looks Image: Ayato Itoku Leon
Looks Description: Lazyyyyy

Hair Style: Usually very flat and covered by his hat, which he wears even though he lives in one of the hottest places in the ninja world.
Skin Tone: Peachish white, but a bit tanned from the Sunagakure sun.
Body Build: He has a very agile build, one to withstand blows and dish them out; but he's not the strongest person on earth nor is he even close to built enough. He maintains his physique and does basic running exercises to maintain this physique.
Facial Features: None. Ayato makes sure to keep his complexion as perfect as he can.
Body Features: So far, Ayato is fairly unscathed. His knowledge in medical ninjutsu helps with keeping him this way.
Clothing Features: Picture + A cloak to protect him from the sands and heat of Sunagakure and its desert.
Extra Features: Extraordinary knowledge in the human anatomy. So much so that his knowledge in ninjutsu and taijutsu is terrible.

Personality Information
Personality Description: Ayato has a very large narcissistic disorder which makes him an OCD freak when having anything to do with his own complexion. He tries to keep his body in mint condition shape, not wanting a single scratch to ruin it. His ego compliments his narcissism to the point where he believes he is superior to anyone of equal rank than himself. His ego also makes him underestimate his opponent, which can be a hassle when fighting someone who may be stronger than Ayato. Thankfully though; he's a pretty good medical ninja and knows how to heal himself should he get into such a dangerous situation.

When in normal public though, Ayato knows how to respect his authority though, and would never question an order unless he found it unfair. He is especially loyal to the Kazekage for whom he is the apprentice to; only really looking up to her. When in direct combat, Ayato tends to go overboard and use some of his more proficient techniques from the start. These techniques tend to comsume his resources, but because of his good chakra control and lack of ninjutsu skills, he knows how to conserve his chakra with exceptional care. Ayato is also very arrogant in batter, mainly due to his narcissism, but also because he wants to anger the enemy to the point where they make careless mistakes; and end up defeating them using his calm and collected composure.
Likes: Women, The Kazekage, helping others, potato chips.
Dislikes: Men, ignorance, intentional stupidity and rude peoples.
Lifetime Goals: To become the greatest healer in the world.
Role: To seem as though he is proficient in Medical Ninjutsu.
Family: Born into the small Itoku clan, Ayato was an average child who happened to love himself more than anyone else. Due to this his parents were very curious about his sexual orientation and how he always looks so 'perfect.'
Relationships: An apprentice to the Kazekage, to whom he serves loyally.

Skill Information
Rank: Chuunin
Jutsu Specialist:
Main: Medical Ninjutsu (Also part chakra control because of this)
Sub: Weaponry
Bloodline: None.
Elements: Fuuton

Genuis Class: Common among Uchiha this class allows for the Shinobi to pick up on difficult tasks and jutsu and are able to figure them out in half the time meaning they learn jutsu quicker, and are able to understand new training methods in a third of the time. Cannot be used with Hardworker Class.
Gains: +15 Intelligence, +12 Agility, +13 Speed

Medic Ninja: Medic Ninja are able to to heal themselves and allies in almost any situation, by manipulating their chakra to heal and repair the cells of damaged parts. They have to have extremely good chakra control otherwise an attempt to heal someone or something may not work and they could end up burning or even killing them. They automatically get the Chakra Scapel ability and can learn medical jutsu up to B rank. No other class can. Slight strength manipulation.
Gains: +20 Stat points

Stats: 75 + 15 + 12 + 13 + 20 = 135

Physical Stats
Speed: 10 + 13 = 23
Stamina: 15
Strength: 12
Agility: 11 + 12 = 23
Physical Endurance: 17

Chakra Stats:
Chakra Reserves: 15

Mental Stats
Intelligence: 15 + 15 = 30

Starting Jutsu:

Academy Jutsu

Basic Ninjutsu

Medical Ninjutsu

Custom Medical Ninjutsu

(Seeing as how there is no section, I'll put it here.)
Poison Bomb x5, Smoke Bomb x5, Normal Gunpowder Bomb x5, Explosive Notes x20, Senbon x100, Shuriken x10, Kunai x2, Makibishi x25, Vial of Poison x2, Vial of Antidote x2, Medical kit, Bottle of Antiseptic.

The below items do not require registration as they are basic items any medical ninja is able to attain.

Weapon Name: Poison Bomb
Weapon Type: Bomb
Weapon Appearance: A purple sphere filled with toxic purple gas.
Rank: C
Materials: Poisonous mixture.
Description: An explosive bomb that releases a poison gas that slows down the enemy's movements. If inhaled for 2 consecutive posts or 3 posts total on-and-off, the target's reactions will be harshly slowed to the point where they are stunned. User is recommended to have somewhat of an immunity toward the effects in case of backfire. Bomb explodes upon enough pressure or force.

Weapon Name: Vial of Poison
Weapon Type: Toxin
Weapon Appearance: A small 2oz glass container filled with a liquid purple substance which is the poison itself. Can be injected or force-ingested to take effect.
Rank: C
Materials: Poisonous Mixture.
Description: A very simple container of poison that if ingested or injected into a target will make their body turn numb and make it nearly impossible to move. Toxin wears off after 5 posts. Very difficult to use as the user must actually shove the toxin either down the enemy's throat or somehow inject a needle into them without the enemy realizing; both of which are extremely hard to do in the midst of combat.

Weapon Name: Vial of Antidote
Weapon Type: Antidote
Weapon Appearance: A small 2oz glass container filled with a clear liquid substance which is the actual antidote. Must be administered via injection to work.
Rank: C
Materials: Antidote.
Description: An antidote designed to counteract the effects of the above mentioned Vial of Poison. Comes into effect immediately after injecting into the target. Removes all effects of the aforementioned poison.

Weapon Name: Medical Kit
Weapon Type: Baggie of medical goodies.
Weapon Appearance: A black baggie with a white cross on it to signify it being a medical item.
Rank: D
Materials: 1 scalpel, 4 needles, 4 syringes, 1 pair of surgical scissors, 1 pair of surgical tongs, 1 surgical thumb forcep, 1 surgical needle & needle holder, 100 yards of surgical string, 50 yards of medical tape, basic medicinal pads, basic antibiotics, basic pain killers, and one black pouch that holds all these items inside.
Description: All above mentioned items are found inside this baggie.

History and RP Sample

Pre-Academy Arc:

Academy Arc:

Genin Arc:

Chuunin Exam:

Chuunin Arc: Just started out as Chuunin.

Jounin Exam:

Jounin Arc:


RP Sample:
RP Test
"Ugh, I got lost AGAIN. I really need to start paying attention to where I'm going." Naoto, a male with perfectly combed white hair announced to himself. "Hope I can find something soon.. I'm getting hungry." He said to himself yet again, having a very bad habit of talking to himself. As this man paced, he held a stern height for someone only fourteen years of age. He was a little over fight feet and ten inches, towering over most of the other kids his own age. This was mainly because the residence of Takigakure, the village who's symbol of a water fall was imprinted on the forehead protector atop his forehead was imprinted, were very short in general. This obviously gave him some advantages during combat, but since most ninja were at least Chuunin, this was a lot less beneficial in general.

Naoto continued to walk through this barren wasteland. There were hundreds of mountains everywhere, most looking as though they were gigantic spires sticking out from the ground. The sky itself seemed to constantly be shrouded in the darkness of the clouds, making his black and white highlighted hair look as though it were gray from this depressing scene. His hair wasn't really gray of course but a natural codominance over black and white, making it look like he had white highlights even though his roots were completely white. Even though he was starved and lost, this kid managed to keep his hair combed near perfectly. The base of his hair was always somehow messed up, but he cared very little. Thankfully he was wearing some heavy clothing; a pair of thick, baggy black pants and a rather thick white long-sleeved shirt that was mainly masked by his black leather jacket. This basically showed off his inherent wealth, even though the very clothing forced his family to cut his trust bond. Of course, these very clothes proved more than just weather protection as they had multiple slots for shuriken, kunai, and even a compartment for several dozen yards of metal wire.

Much like the kid's appearance, the environment was rather dull. There was little signs of life, and the mountains towered to the heavens, making Kumogakure live up to its name of being hidden in the clouds. The little life there was were the many little bugs that dug around and the occasional fox looking for a rat. Above all that though, the hawks basically dominated the lands, several being visible in just one little area. This area happened to be one of the few flat-lands, even though it was flat for less than a hundred meters. This little area was exactly where Naoto was walking across, having to reach its end in only a few more meters. From there he would be forced to climb a rather tall mountain which was extremely annoying and exhausting.

As Naoto began to pace up the large rocky mountain, he noticed there was heavy movement ahead of him. At first, he hoped it was some either poor defenseless animal, or a large one so he could finally eat something. Naoto's idiocy made him not only forget he had about a few days worth of ration on the sack on his back, it also made him forget why he was wandering around in this dead land for the time being. As he approached the summit of the mountain, although at an incredibly slow pace, he noticed that the movement began to weaken but was still evident. He was still unable to figure what was there, but as he approached, he pulled one of his many kunai from the pouch in his jacket, holding it as if he were about to stab his leg in his right hand. With haste he began to approach the location, still being warry of his enemy. "Here kitty, kitty, kitty." he said in a taunting voice, trying to intimidate whatever creature was behind those many stone spires by the mountain's wall.
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PostSubject: Re: Ayato Itoku   Ayato Itoku EmptySat May 14, 2011 1:30 pm

Well, I don't see anything of any particular note wrong with the profile. Accepted. ^^
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Ayato Itoku
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