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Character Template

Personal Information
Name: Mizukawa; Kyouken no Izayo.
Age: Thirty-One.
Gender: Female.
Village: Ex-Kumogakure no Sato. Currently has a truce with the Raikage that for support towards the Village she will not be targeted.

Appearance Information
Height: Five foot, Nine Inches.
Weight: One-Hundred Sixty-Two pounds.
Eye Color: Azure with a black eyed pupil; a single ring around the puil.
Hair Color: Dark brown, nearly black.
Looks Image:

Personality Information
Personality Description: Izaiyo is an incredibly intimidating woman. Her long years have taught her that she must hold her ground against any challenge and though she is aged, Izaiyo is quite childish. She smiles under any circumstances and flings herself recklessly at her opponents. She believes herself to be the queen of "psychology,'' knowing all there is to know about defeating a person by driving them in to such a deep state of fear they could never resurface. She practices this technique in battle and will show mercy only to those that are unarmed. She will not kill a foe that has lost their weapon and unable to continue battle. Above all Izaiyo is an honorable person though she slacks off constantly.

If Izaiyo does not feel like doing one thing or another she will not. Her most common state of mind is "Eh?~ I don't want to.~" This leads her to be often misunderstood or under-estimated and is the main reason she was classified as a Missing-Nin due to her violent outbursts against those who insult or threaten her. She intends to hold every one to their promises or threats; old friends, family and enemies alike. If one can not hold true to their promise she will continue to mock them in the face of society until they are completely shunned from basic society or murdered - not above stooping to lies to get what she desires. Her most common mind game is to begin a false accusation of some one and carry out the act herself so that those around the victim or scene blames those who she had originally blamed. The act of espionage quite a pass-time for her.

In her thirty-one years of life Izaiyo has not once learned a valuable lesson other than experience in battle or the meaning of defeat. Losing isn't every thing, but losing is nothing is her motto. She lives by this and will continue to do so until the day she is defeated - unable to accept death by "Natural Causes," only a death on the battlefield being truly valuable. When it comes to acts of "mushy" emotion Izaiyo secludes herself from the scene entirely. She believes men are only good for battle and reproduction; though the idea of kids terrifies her more than one could imagine. Eroge Men should be exterminated from the face of the Earth and the rest made in to "Dogs of War and Rabbits of Reproduction."
Likes: Battle, Challenges, Near Death Circumstances.
Dislikes: The Over-confident, Hatred, Anger, Intimidation towards herself.
Lifetime Goals: Izaiyo's life-time goal is to die.
Role: Izaiyo has no actual role for herself and instead causes mayhem, destruction and espionage. Antagonist.
Family: Izaiyo has no immediate family.
Relationships: Izaiyo has multiple connections with fellow Kenjutsu artists and villains as well as casual citizens in Kumogakure no Sato; particularly Bar-tenders and keepers.

Skill Information
Rank: S-Class Missing-Nin.
Jutsu Specialist:
Main: Kenjutsu.
Sub: Taijutsu.
Back Up: Ninjutsu. [B-Ranked or lower only.]
Bloodline: Mizukawa Clan's Meisatsugan.
Elements: Fuuton, Raiton and Doton.
Stats: 200+15+15+10+10+20 = 270.

Physical Stats
Speed: 50.
Stamina: 35.
Strength: 55.
Agility: 30.
Physical Endurance: 60.

Chakra Stats:
Chakra Reserves: 25.

Mental Stats
Intelligence: 15.

Starting Jutsu:

Jutsu Template:

Clan Jutsu:
Basic Ninjutsu:
Doton Jutsu:

Raiton Jutsu:

Fuuton Jutsu:

Has an additional Katana; Kissaki Moroha Kogarasu Zukuri - twin bladed basic Iron Katana.

History and RP Sample

Pre-Academy Arc: Izaiyo was born to a more or less normal Kumogakure family with one exception; her Father was a warmongering Shinobi. He had never made it past the Jounin ranks but had earned himself a name through out the Village as one of the most brutal Kenjutsu artists known. He would show no mercy to either his opponent nor his family. It was around this time that Izaiyo had been born in to the world of Kenjutsu Shinobi before she had even reached the Academy; already holding a sword in both hands for fear of her Father.

Academy Arc: When Izaiyo had been reprieved of her Family and enrolled in the Academy she was beyond thrilled and yet extremely terrified. Izaiyo had taken on somewhat of a personality disorder between innocent and menacing; obedient and rebellious. She opposed her own Teacher's teachings with that of her Father's and was thoroughly "lectured" on the subject of this by a rather kind Jounin-Sensei. Her Father had caught word of her tactics and immediately retrieved her from the Academy one day and taken her out of the village for one of his own missions. On this mission Izaiyo had fought her first battle and lost poorly, unable to use even the simplest of Ninjutsu. The man was not a Shinobi but rather a thug with incredibly powerful muscles to boot. Her Father would not save her and nobody did, he simply left her rotting corpse on the ground. It was in the meantime that her Mother had sent out a squad of Medical-Nin's that had resuscitated her despite her Father's objections. She was no more than thirty seconds after death by this time. Izaiyo's Father was then held in a cell for three years as Izaiyo completed her Academy training without disruption and a fearful Mother.

Genin Arc: Once Izaiyo had graduated the Academy as an average in the class she returned to her Mother and met her first Jounin Team Leader. He was a stern-looking, beat up middle-aged man that did not like attitude. Izaiyo had learned such from her fellow class-mates for courtesy and manners and instilled them in to herself. She was rather well-liked around this point until her father was released from his "Temper Cooling" cell. He returned to them with closed eyes and a smile on his face; however, when his eyes opened and he saw them for the first time after two days he snapped and attacked. Izaiyo's Mother was beaten in to a comatose that she could not return from and Izaiyo herself had her right leg nearly severed from her body. The injury no longer bothers her, though the scar is still there and completely hideous.

Chuunin Exam: Izaiyo's Father was executed that same day for espionage and was found to be a spy from another Village though this was never proven. A War never broke out due to this and Izaiyo spent more than a month recovering from the injury that she nearly missed her Chuunin exams. When she was finally released the Chuunin Exams were just beginning and a healed Izaiyo was ready. She failed the first Chuunin Test; however she passed and saved her team mates from a rival team in the first exams. During her Battles there she had no trouble defeating her opponent that was not as skilled as she in Taijutsu as she was in Kenjutsu. She had graduated completely from her low-ranking self and entered her teenage years as a Chuunin.

Chuunin Arc: Izaiyo was still a well-liked citizen of Kumogakure and was even thought of as quite powerful, coming in to her "youthful talent" as a high-endurance Kenjutsu artist. Not much had happened during her Chuunin years except for a heritage personality that she had not been aware of. As every one had believed that her Father's influence could be instilled in to others, Izaiyo fell victim to this around the same age that her Father had first begun to become mischievous and brutal. She had killed her first fellow Shinobi accidentally by puncturing his chest on a Mission. Her other two members of the team had helped her cover the fact though her Jounin escort still suspected that an enemy squadron had not been the cause after examining the body in sorrow. She and her fellow team mate and best friend murdered him in the night and returned to the Village with their first failure of a Mission only to be greeted by an angry, furious sibling of the murdered Jounin. He protested that he had received a letter from his Brother and was sure that Izaiyo had killed him to hide the fact that she was a suspect in the death of her team-mate. Her friend began to grow distant from her this same day.

Jounin Exam: Izaiyo was not so well-liked and was still a suspected yet powerful member of the Kumogakure that at the time she had entered the Jounin exams she was looked at with worried expressions. Her strength had grown at an exponential rate and her ability to "take a hit" was alarming. It seemed as if though she was a merciless killer and those that knew of her Father began to talk strangely about her. Not much happened during her Jounin exams other than that she passed with high marks and at the top of the list after defeating the same friend that was keeping her secret.

Jounin Arc: It was almost immediately after Izaiyo had become a Jounin - around a week afterwards - that her old friend confessed that his consciousness as a fellow Jounin applicant as well could not hold it in any longer. Her friend had been taken in and confessed to the Raikage the acts of which Izaiyo and himself committed. Izaiyo's old friend was taken in as a prisoner and she was ordered to be captured by the ANBU. After incapacitating one of the first ANBU members to make it to her Izaiyo fled from the Kumogakure as a wanted Villain. She was already sought after as an A-Rank Missing-Nin.

ANBU Arc: Due to Izaiyo's "prior engagements" she had never made it as far as to become an ANBU member but increased her strength in battles rather than training from this point onwards. She gained an incredible amount of knowledge in battle though her integrity towards any thing else was quite dim. By the time she had been registered as an S-Rank Missing-Nin she was twenty-four years old and quite bored. She ventured back to her old Village of Kumogakure and her sins long forgotten, her own face no longer known to her comrades. She had become accustomed to the Kenjutsu arts and was capable of using any weapon as an extension of her own body; especially the sword, axe and medium staff.

RP Sample: (Out of laziness I posted this from the starter to "Reiketsu vs. Ai." RP battle. This is my starter.)
-Each step the young girl took stirred up some of the dust on her wobbly knee's. Throughout the entire road she was stared at by humored patrons and citizens on all sides of her. A girl standing only a close three and a half feet tall carrying a pack that dragged on the ground behind her. The pack held multiple items; such as pots, pans and weapons. Clothes and medicines. The pack of her pure and white kimono was getting smudged by the dirt she stirred up with each step; her large pack leaving a trail of its own behind her. The young-looking girl wore an extremely beautiful Kimono with Lotus flowers sewn in to all sides of the Kimono's long sleeves -- covering both her hands, feet and extending down to her knees. The extra cloth that hung from the sides of the Kimono's arms were there for little more than decoration and beauty. Her Pink hair bobbed with its tangled knots, clinging to her forehead, soaked with sweat. The journey was long and her droopy eyes told of extreme exhaustion. However, she pushed on until she came to the one place where there seemed nobody was. She had no idea of what the place was; other than that it was a Dojo. A place were fights, titles and Fame were held. Carrying the large pack on wobbly knees; arms and hands aching, she climbed the short steps up to the top.-

-Ai's foot steps would undoubtedly be heard by all around the area; her small feet making such a loud noise as she hauled the obscenely large pack of necessity's -- what she often referred to as her Punishment Pack -- up the stairs. This pack was her lifeline and she could not risk losing it. By the time she had gotten to the top of the stairs it was already proceeding in to early dusk and the sun was setting against her back. She felt the cool air of night already coming and that comforted her aching muscles and sweating body. Ai's body collapsed with a heaving puff of air at the top of the steps and she swore to herself outloud over and over "Never Again. Never Again. Never agai--," cut off as she coughed at the top. Taking a small rest, Ai picked herself up and brushed her quickly recovered body off. The dust and grime was annoying her exceedingly and even caused her to shamelessly remove a small paper-fan from her bag and air out all of her unmentionables. Having placed the paper fan back inside of the pack, she put one hand on one strap and than another on the opposite side, hefting it up on to her shoulders and kicking on the door of the Dojo irrespectively. The Dojo's title was no where to be in sight and so she figured they were all wash-ups. Yawning as the door was left disregarded she drew her brows together and kicked the door in aggravation. Even though she was exceedingly weak, the doors swung open before her non-the-less. Entering, Ai found herself standing in a room that was much bigger than she had believed it would be, the outside making it look so much smaller.-

-Ai's mouth quirked awkwardly to the side as she noticed a single person on the Dojo, cleaning up the bloody and "souvenir" filled area. Her eyes came down in almost a glare at the same time and she almost screamed at the top of her lungs out of aggravation. Her temper was exceedingly aggravated from the length of her walk, her aching muscles and neglected body. Taking a deep breath Ai tried again, putting on her sparkling eyes, curious face and clueless body language. Looking around she released the pack and put her left hand index finger to her mouth and let out a low and high-pitched "Em'oh.~" to get the young person's attention. Before she even knew whether or not he noticed her presence she waved her hand a single and slow time with closed eyes and a large, toothy smile; attempting to gain "Cute Points." The moment she closed her eyes, however, she was analyzing the sight of him that she had seen. The tall and slightly well-built man and his red hair. His white belt and the look of him that screamed "Hopeless and Oblivious." Waiting for a reaction she opened her eyes and stared up at the area she believed the young man's eyes would be.

RP Test
Genin do not have to do this.
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Raikage Approval!
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Mizukawa Kyouken no Izaiyo.
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