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PostSubject: Mizukawa Clan.   Mizukawa Clan. EmptySun May 15, 2011 10:40 pm

Clan Surname: Mizukawa.
Clan Insignia: A Taoist symbol with a straight line instead of a squiggle to separate the light and dark. Looks like a vertical division bar through a black and white circle with dots in it basically.
Kekkei Genkei:Meisatsugan (Insight Eye) Raiton + Fuuton

Meisatsugan is a Dojutsu specific only to the Mizukawa clan, and as such, can only be used by members of that family. The Kekkei Genkai is a dominant hereditary gene, meaning that all offspring of the Mizukawa clan will attain this Dojutsu even if one of the spouses aren't of Mizukawa blood. There are no limitations to when one can activate this Dojutsu other than it must be awakened through training or stress. It requires a disrupted flow of chakra to activate, thus making the user seem as though they are in a Genjutsu at all times during its usage. This also trains the user in Genjutsu defense, which happens to be one of the Dojutu's main traits. The user of the Meisatsugan may activate the Dojutsu at will, and it will remain active throughout a Genjutsu, although it will provide very little use while in the hypnosis. The Dojutsu itself gives the user excelled eye senses, but because the user begins to rely on their eyes, their other senses tend to be a bit weaker than others. Like the Sharingan, this Dojutsu has multiple stages. Unlike Sharingan though, one can freely switch between those stages provided they have learned the stage previously through training. The Meisatsugan is an eye that's basically defined by its name. It allows the user to see extraordinary distances and even through objects and illusions depending on the user's expertise in the Kekkei Genkai. Note: This Dojutsu has no relation with Sharingan at all besides the obvious 'stage' system.

This Dojutsu has many stages which are listed below:

The first stage of Meisatsugan is also its default stage. All Mizukawa clan members are born with this eye, and is the main identification for all Mizukawa. The iris is an azure blue color with a black circle around the pupil. The clan member has increased sight (20x10 vision to be exact) and their eyesight deteriorates at a much slower pace than a normal person's making them naturally prone to using their eyes.

The second stage of Meisatsugan is the state in which one must actually unlock. This stage upgrades the user's vision by 2x to 4x their normal, making them good 'snipers.' This stage changes the circle around the person's iris unto two dashed lines (both on the same axis), which, when attempting to scope,turns into an 'equal' sign to indicate the zoom. This stage has no other upgrades other than those.

The third stage of Meisatsugan is the most preferred state as it requires little chakra to maintain, and the distance the eyes can scope is relatively easy to maintain. The user gains 3x to 9x vision, depending on how good they are at maintaining their expert vision. Along with the extreme vision, the user is also able to turn opaque objects translucent, and translucent objects a bit more transparent. The objects become easier to see through, but if the user has a difficult time distinguishing between colors, the opacity might be unbearable to the user. The translucency only goes up 10% in this stage, making it only a tiny bit easier to see through things. In this stage, the user's eyes create a third dash, all three being evenly spaced between each other to basically separate the iris unto thirds. The dashed lines are NOT connected to the pupil at all. Unlike the double lines, these create a triangle with lines extending from the edges to indicate zoom. For a better idea of what it looks like see image below. (Note: Opaque view does not give the user vision of chakra channels or veins/arteries. It is controlled by the user's eyes though, so they do not see through everything.) This stage is nicknamed the "Sacred stage" by the clan as it is the stage where one is accepted as an adult for the clan.

Mizukawa Clan. Dfafd Zoom Form
Note: Pic sucks, but it took me a half a minute to make. No point in adding extra effort.

The fourth stage of Meisatsugan is much more difficult to control than the third stage, but is also much more powerful. Like the other stages, it increases the users vision between 4x and 16x, giving the user an incredibly large range of vision. To add onto this, the user is able to see through opaque objects much better, having a 25% clarity and is now able to easily distinguish motion. This stage also gives the user what the Mizukawa call "Noujoukei" or "Memory Sight." In this stage, everything one sees is permanently etched into the memory to the last detail. Therefore they can recall an entire enemy hideout just by looking at it. To recall these memories though, the user must have stage four or any of the final stages active. Every stage after this one automatically has this feature. This stage has four lines perpendicular to one another, all four pointing toward the iris. When scoping, the four lines create a box with lines extended from the edges like in the image below.

Mizukawa Clan. Dgtrwsd Zoom form
Note: Pic sucks just like the last one.

For the final stage there are two different forms one can initiate. The stages are activated depending on what branch of the family one is born. If Deva branch the member gets Force eyes while Asura gets Aura eyes.

Aura is an increased sense in Genjutsu perception more than vision and opacity view. The user is able to see through Genjutsu with great ease and also able to reverse certain Genjutsu up to C-rank. Further training may lead to B-rank. The user gains 5x to 25x their vision, and the ability to see through opaque objects by 35%. The eyes grow four more dashes to make a perfect asterisk. When zooming or using Genjutsu perception, the dashes turn to 24 smaller dashes which spin around in clockwise and counter clockwise motions. For a better idea as to what the eyes look like check the images below. These eyes also grant the user the ability to "warp reality" much like the sharingan, giving the user excelled abilities in genjutsu usage as well as ninjutsu, fuuinjutsu and even taijutsu. Note: These excelled abilities vary depending on the member's specialties. If the member does not specialize in these abilities they do not get excelled abilities in them.

Mizukawa Clan. Duiyjhgn Basic Form

Mizukawa Clan. DuyrerhZoom Form

Force increases more in vision and opacity. It does improve Genjutsu perception, but only to small amounts, much weaker than that of Aura, and cannot reverse Genjutsu like Aura can. The vision though is increased by 6x to 36x in range, and is able to see through opaque objects 50% of the way through, making them half invisible to the user's eyes. The eyes revert to a state similar to stage three, except that the lines are curved rather than straight. The zoom form takes shape of a circle with lines drawing from the edges, making it look like a weird wheel. For a better idea as to what the eyes look like check the images below. This state also grants the member a quicker visual reflexes, but only to a certain degree. This stage also grants the user a tiny perception of chakra usage. Such as the target's general chakra. It can only detect that, and cannot tell whether something is a shadow clone, or the tenketsu points or anything. Simply the general aura of chakra around them.

Mizukawa Clan. Dyhgfs Basic Form

Mizukawa Clan. Dcdf Zoom Form
Formation of the Clan: The Mizukawa started out as a clan in the Village of Kirigakure no Sato but was disregarded as an appropriate clan due to not only the fearsome ability and an excuse to remove them from the Village; but also because of the lack of members. Two of the ten were murdered as a private display to the clan and the rest dispered from the Village to find themselves in Kumogakure. Kumogakure no Sato accepted them well enough but with some content and so they remain there silently, only a few, as the rest are still confining themselves from the rest of the world.
Village: Kumogakure no Sato.
Clan Jutsu:Name: Jigen Kokudo (Dimension Realm)
Rank: A
Range: Eyesight
Element: N/A
Affinity: Genjutsu
Description: The user must have at least Third Stage Meisatsugan in order to utilize this technique. Upon gazing into the user's eyes, the target will fall into a hypnotic state which affects all senses, although to a moderate degree. Both the user and target are placed into this trance, but only the user knows that it is a Genjutsu. The target may later realize it's a Genjutsu, but as nothing changes during the fight after the initially activation of this Genjutsu, it is highly unlikely one would know they have fallen into one.
After the activation, the battle takes place in the mind, where the basic laws of physics and chemistry are stretched, but still remain. During the battle, neither the user or target make any sudden movements, as they are both locked in the trance. Both users are granted unlimited quantities of power, but as they are stuck in a Genjutsu, their mind gradually grows tired until one passes out. The user is suggested to abuse their knowledge of the fantasy world to defeat the foe quickly. Whoever loses in the Fantasy world becomes unconscious in the real world. This means if the user loses, they will become unconscious, thus the Genjutsu itself is quite a risk. The Genjutsu occurs in a rationed time limit. One minute in the real world equates to an hour in the fantasy world. Note: All pain and emotions felt in the fantasy world will reflect to the real world, but the user will not receive any physical damage such as scars or torn ligaments.

Name: Senboushi (Eye Beam)
Rank: A
Range: Close - Long
Element: Raiton
Affinity: Ninjutsu
Description: The user must have at least Third Stage Meisatsugan in order to utilize this technique. The user performs the basic zoom feature with their eyes which creates the shape in their eye (eg. Triangle, Square, Circle, etc.). From that shape, an extremely condensed beam of Raiton energy shoots from the user's eyes like a ray of light, decimating anything in its path and electrocuting it. The beam is extremely powerful, enough to burn through several buildings. The user's vision is completely obstructed during this technique, and can control its direction by simply moving their eyes or head.

Name: Manako Kai (Eye Release)
Rank: E
Range: N/A
Element: N/A
Affinity: Doujutsu
Description: User activates whichever eye style they wish to use, provided they can use it. Requires a tiny but disrupted stream of chakra to sustain.

Name: Kyuujoushou (Zoom)
Rank: E
Range: Varies
Element: N/A
Affinity: Doujutsu
Description: User performs their basic zooming feature with their Meisatsugan. Requires only a minuscule amount of chakra.

Name: Titan Gitofuki (Titan's Gust)
Rank: A
Range: Long
Element: Fuuton
Affinity: Kenjutsu
Description: The user swipes their katana or sword out after concentrating a large sum of chakra into one point on said sword. After swiping, a hundred very thin blades of air spring from the blade's edge and soar toward the singular direction. These blades do pure cutting damage but are not strong enough to slice through a human for instance, only cut them up. Can still easily be fatal if connected. Requires very little chakra considering how powerful the attack is.

Name: Meisou no Jutsu (Art of Eye Transfer)
Rank: S
Range: Close
Element: N/A
Affinity: Fuuinjutsu
Description: This technique is forbidden not only by the ninja council but also by the Mizukawa clan itself. The reason being that it risks the user's life and drains them of a heavy amount of chakra. This technique grants the user the ability to transfer their own eyes with another, without mixing blood. This is the only way one can attain Force if they have Aura, or Aura if they have Force. This also allows one to give another their Doujutsu, but in a less bloody and painful way than just surgery. The user must use their own blood for the activation of this seal. They make a basic three point seal that looks exactly like the design in a third stage Meisatsugan on the target's eyelids. Upon placing their thumbs on the center of the seal the initiation begins and after a rather short process, the two's eyes become transferred. If the person has a doujutsu, the doujutsu is transferred, but does not mix their blood, so if the person reproduces, their offspring will not have that doujutsu.
Member Limit: 10. [Currently allowed: 8, must be accepted.]
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PostSubject: Re: Mizukawa Clan.   Mizukawa Clan. EmptySun May 15, 2011 10:46 pm

This was my original clan, and as it stands, I approve it. No changes were done or anything anyway. It's not even as powerful as Sharingan so if Ken denies it I'll flip > >; I'll write up some training regulations for it when necessary.

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Mizukawa Clan.
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