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 Team Destiny Meeting #1 ( Tora, 16 , rain )

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PostSubject: Team Destiny Meeting #1 ( Tora, 16 , rain )   Thu May 12, 2011 8:32 pm

Arisu smiled as she sat on a tree stump. Her purple eyes gazed at the moon longingly as she waited for the three genin to show up. Arisu had willing took on a team, just so she could be a help to her birthplace. The kage had gone onto the Kage's Summit alone, which put the senju is a slightly sour mood. Pulling out the scroll from her pouch she read it over and a small frown came over her face. How could she possibly train three uchiha was beyond her knowledge. Arisu thought about the stories her she had been subjected to, about her clan history. Nodding her head a bit she put the Scroll back in her weapons pouch as she stood up and stretched a bit. A drop of rain hit her nose, it was cool and of course wet. Soon another drop and another until it was raining completely, it was not a drizzle nor a pour down of rain." Wonderful " Arisu muttered to herself quietly as she sat back on the tree stump letting the rain wash over her all to curvy frame.

Arisu knew she would be putting in a bit of work and wore something simple yet comfortable. Black shrouded her body as she donned a black yukata and black shoes. The rain made the Yukata look even more form fitting than it was, making it appear as if she had on a black dress. Looking up she threw her dirty blond locks back and put it into a low ponytail,making sure all her hair was out of her face. Awaiting her young pupils she smirked evilly under the gleam of the full bright moon.

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PostSubject: Re: Team Destiny Meeting #1 ( Tora, 16 , rain )   Thu May 12, 2011 11:19 pm

Tora rushed through the woods at a speed he didn't know he had. He was in a rush to meet his sensei and his squad members. Rumor had it that it would be an all Uchiha team with a Senju leader. That should make things interesting. Tora quickly made it to a clearing and saw a woman standing in the rain. This must be the Senju he had heard about. "Excuse me, are you waiting for some genin" Tora asked the woman. He didn't want to needlessly give out his name, he just want to confirm that this woman was in fact his new sensei and not some stranger.

Tora's crimson hair was hanging down because of the rain. His mismatched eyes watched the woman through a pair of purple sunglasses. His clothes were wet and starting to cling to his body, although Tora didn't mind. The young boy had a truly unique appearance. Tora was wearing a sleeveless black shirt, long black pants, black shinobi shoes, black arm guards, and a weighted red cloak with black flames. On his waist was a sword on his waist and on his body were numerous weights which were worn at all times. Tora had has his ninja gear strapped to both thighs. His headband is worn tightly across his forehead. In his ears Tora had three gold earrings and around his neck was a silver necklace with the kanji for fire and Uchiha. Through the wet clothes one could make out his athletic and slightly muscular frame. On the edges of Tora's mouth were burn marks, as if he had been eating fire or something.

The young genin stood silently in the rain and keep an emotionless expression. His eyes were cold, like looking into a deep, dark abyss. He seemed more like a battle hardened veteran than a young, twelve year old kid. Tora keep looking at the woman and waited patiently for her to do something. He also thought about what his teammates would be like and wondered when they would arrive.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Destiny Meeting #1 ( Tora, 16 , rain )   Fri May 13, 2011 3:31 am

A sense of dread filled the teen Uchiha as he thought of his destination. He was traveling through the forests away from his home, because he had been assigned to another team. In the ninja world you couldn't expect any breaks but it was really surprising that they so easily put him into another team despite what happened to his old team. It was that intolerance that continued to only harden the Uchiha's heart. His eyes resolute and face straight not betraying any emotion, he wasn't like most other. Usually when one tries to hide their emotions, they shut them down but instead Rain wore emotions like masks. As one came off another slid in it's place instead. Step by step, he watched as the seemingly endless amount of trees passed by.

He could feel two other presences up ahead, one felt familiar while the other while strongest was unfamiliar. Half of him wondered where the other member was, his whole team were full of Uchiha and their were certain standards they lived up too. Though, being late was not one of them standards but it mattered to Rain not. He picked up pace not out of desire to join another team but merely to quicken it so he could go back to bed. One thing that was precious to Rain was his sleep, while he still had a hard time actually sleeping of course. He leaped into the air, channeling the chakra to his feet. Instantly as practiced over hundreds of times, his feet connected and with his speed he was off quickly closing the gap between him and the group.

As he arrived he allowed himself to slid out the tree landing almost unrealistically soft on the ground. A slight smirk gracing his face before returning to a laid back expression. He noticed Tora one of the more promising boys from the Uchiha clan. Tora was one of the few Uchiha who earned Rain's respect. Most others took advantage of their natural strength instead of honing what is really a dull blade into something sharper more resolute. Words crept through his mind but he would keep it simple. Silence at times was the best things not said and Rain believed that silence spoke volumes more than actual speaking did. His eyes falling then on his sensei who to be honest was way better on the eyes then his old sensei. Rain involuntarily smirked at his own thought before returning to his own thoughts.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Destiny Meeting #1 ( Tora, 16 , rain )   

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Team Destiny Meeting #1 ( Tora, 16 , rain )
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