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 Mizukawa Kyouken no Izaiyo vs the Raikage. [Truce Beginning.]

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PostSubject: Mizukawa Kyouken no Izaiyo vs the Raikage. [Truce Beginning.]   Mon May 16, 2011 12:18 am

EDIT: [NOTE!] We're both redoing our posts in the morning because these fail quite a lot. Thank you. -Enzo and Balalaika.

EDIT: [NOTE!2] Nevermind, we both became too lazy. We will continue on just like this.

I'm just gonna make this a brief starter.<3

-Mizukawa; Kyouken no Izaiyo. A former occupant and Shinobi of the Village Kumogakure no Sato - currently wandered through the streets of her former Village. It was quite nostalgic to her and she looked around almost in complete awe. The renovations, the structures; all was so new to her yet completely the same. In a quick jolt of excitement Izaiyo could no longer contain herself and stretched both her arms to the sky with a smile on her face. She perhaps thought the best idea was to visit the more suttle places; training fields and old acquaintances that would not expose her identity. By no means would she visit the more populated area's of Kumogakure.-

-Izaiyo was very grateful for the cloak that she had "been loned" from the local pub. The Cloak was of desert-camouflage design and completely concealed her armory; consistent with that of a samurai's. However, Izaiyo's "Za Buki Izaiyo;" a once basic katana that had been completely remodified in to a weapon the size of herself and the width of an average male. This would doubtlessly cause her some distress with the attention that would be focused upon herself; grateful that she as well had taken the liberty to bandage the weapons blade in a harmless matter - a meaning of peace.-

-Upon Izaiyo's arrival at the training fields - her quickest decision - Izaiyo caught the attention of many other young Shinobi of both Genin and a single Jounin rank. The children pointed to her in awe of her weapon by her own deduction and two even took the liberty to come at her and tug on the desert camouflage. With a small annoyance Izaiyo patted one of them on the head to grab his attention and waved her hand off towards the training field again where the now curious and suspicious middle-aged Jounin now stood. The children smiled and ran back to get the attention of the Jounin who was now talking to them in an odd way - pointing back at Izaiyo more than a few times. Quite rudely the children turned and looked at Izaiyo with weird eyes then grinned and charged. Apparently she was mistaken as a fellow applicant of the Village and as a substitute for these Genin's Jounin to practice a spar. A second coincidence was that the robe Izaiyo had taken the liberty to "take loan of" was also that of a Chuunin-ranked assassin.-

-Izaiyo - still not completely aware of the situation - stood in place for more than a few moments longer than she should have. She was not even observant of the children and was merely staring at the Jounin; such as why she missed the aerial Kunai now coming for her. The Kunai Izaiyo had taken notice of a fraction of a second to late and it connected with her right shoulder. Izaiyo's body did not even flinch as the kunai bounced off the shoulder-guard of her samurai-styled armor; only looked down to examine the tossed weapon and the now charging children she was oblivious to. Gaining up momentum Izaiyo moved forwards two steps and swept her left foot against the dirt while the right pushed down. Using the momentum of her left foot Izaiyo flipped a single time and landed less than a meter behind the children. With her right hand Izaiyo pushed her left hand against the ground and observed two more kunai and one shuriken - presumably from the second child - pass beneath her. With her mid-aerial moment Izaiyo came up with a quite confusing question, had she been discovered? And if so, should she eradicate the children? Her final conclusion had been this: avoid them at all costs and simply incapacitate them.-

-Izaiyo made no sound other than the clink of her loosely strapped waist and side-thigh protectors connecting with the chain mail worn about her knee's but cut off at the thigh. Pushing both out both of her palms in the "knife hand technique," Izaiyo connected with the back of the Genin's necks and pushed forwards with minimal strength. Immediately the children's eyes went blank and their eyes entered the back of their head. The disruption of their nervous activity had caused a temporary paralysis and would keep them occupied for several moments. Before even having to look up Izaiyo knew to immediately duck back and to the left; as she did. Kicking her left foot off the ground she had removed herself from the crouched position and - with bent knee's - kicked the left foot to the ground at an angle and moved her body. Four projectiles which Izaiyo did not have the attention to identify whizzed passed her body, at all the vital points she kept note of, and embedded themselves in to the hunk of rock several meters out. Izaiyo noticed that these had come from the middle-aged Jounin and so she prepared herself for a more interesting fight.-

-Analyzing her first opponent Izaiyo kept a serene expression as to not give in to a battle lust that would inevitably show itself. Keeping herself calm would make this a more challenging fight than she would naturally have; due to the lack of power she must use. The weapon upon her back was starting to strain against her chest with its leather strap, pushing her breasts painfully in to her body. The nerves in her back straightened with her movement, Izaiyo's leg muscles both tensing powerfully. It was apparent the Jounin would not make the first move and, to avoid wasted time, Izaiyo charged forwards. Crouching with both arms bent and fist's clenched behind her back, Izaiyo kicked with both feet with some force against the ground. This left a slight indentation in the earth and propelled her forwards fast enough to come directly in front and lowered down to the middle-aged Jounin's stomach.-

-Izaiyo struck upwards with her left palm first so that his chin may collide with the metal strip that connected and kept her arm-guards to her fore-arm. Should this happen she was hopeful it would be enough force to both force the jounin in to an aerial state as well as knock him unconscious as to not cause too much harm to his body. The Jounin was quite exceptional however and leaned back on his right foot and raised his left knee to Izaiyo's face. With the opposite, right hand Izaiyo blocked the connection of the knee and changed her trajectory slightly - aiming her left palm to his gullet instead. This attack had connected and moved the Jounin backwards though it had not phased him for more than second before he had attacked again.-

-A left foot; crouch and ankle swipe, were the first thoughts through Izaiyo's head. Izaiyo's body reacted the same as it always had; flawlessly. In a quick crouch that took no effort Izaiyo removed the weight from her back by relieving the large blade Za Buki Izaiyo against the ground and shot out her left foot in an ankle swipe to the middle-aged Jounin's heels. She used her right foot as balance and; with her right knee bent and her weight balanced perfectly against it with the blade behind her as an accessory to holding her position her full strength was behind the kick. Immediately the Jounin seemed to know what was coming and so - in an attempt to avoid - he jumped off and to the right. His defense had been to slow however and the kick collided with his right heel regardless and twisted his mid-air body so that he landed shoulder first. Grinding her right heel in to the ground Izaiyo simultaneously hoisted her body in to the air and raised her left foot; holding beneath the knee with her left arm for support. Due to Izaiyo's turn the force of momentum was slightly more than she had wanted and her leg dropped at drastic rate that caused the Jounin's head to "become one with the ground." It was apparent that he was out cold, his age possibly getting the better of him should his endurance be so low. It had happened to quick for Izaiyo and the thought of battle still drummed in her red ears, body light and joints humming.-

-Turning abruptly on her left heel Izaiyo prepared to make her departure; her stay had been long over-due and could wait until another time. Flipping the desert-camouflage hood over her head to conceal her identity once more she made way to the edge of the training field and to the outside safety of Kumogakure no Sato.-

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PostSubject: Re: Mizukawa Kyouken no Izaiyo vs the Raikage. [Truce Beginning.]   Mon May 16, 2011 1:25 am

There he stood, a large framed man. Standing well over six feet upon the surface of the ground, seeming to tower over the other ninja and civilians of the village. The male himself had scarlet red hair, such hair that easily stood out in public. Especially with such great height, people easily noticed him. Of course, this male was no fool. If he didn't hold onto this transformation jutsu, the streets would be flooded with little kids wanting autographs and assassins aiming for his throat. The man pacing through the streets of this great city was no other than the man who created it all. The great Raikage of Kumogakure. Not only this, but he was the first Raikage. The one who's name would go down in history as being the creator of an entire civilization. Alas, this man was growing old for holding such a powerful position. People still underestimated his power and were out to kill him daily.

Due to the many threats, the Raikage could only hold his true forty-five year old look when instructing his people or preaching with his ninja council. When pacing the outskirts of Kumogakure, like today for instance, he was forced to wear a transformation which concealed his true form and made the male look but twenty five. Although, his great shape made him look younger than he truly was to begin with; such a disguise wouldn't help avoid assassins. In his current state, Reiketsu, the great Raikage, was wearing his normal fighting clothes. These clothes were all shades of black and white, giving him a dull look; but his enthusiastic attitude and bright hair pretty much hiding this ugly attire.

During his casual stroll through the city, Reiketsu stopped by a few of the food courts and purchased some basic foods to give him proteins and carbs for the training ahead of him. Reiketsu always trained around the same time each day for approximately three hours. His age made him crippled, so he made sure to keep up the exercise and allow his core to remain very well built and strong to endure the many faults of age itself. After taking his usual detour, Reiketsu began to pace over to the training grounds themselves. Upon arriving, he watched as some female managed to make fools of a few Genin and knock one of his own Jounin unconscious. Almost immediately, Reiketsu felt extremely threatened by this random female. He knew almost immediately after she picked up her cloak that her departure would be quick and swift.

With little hesitation and even less effort, he performed a single hand seal and chanted under his breath "Shunshin no Jutsu.." Almost immediately following, his right leg kicked off the ground with such incredible force that his entire being moved through the fabrics of space in less than even a fraction of a second. The transporation was so quick that this hidden Raikage was able to appear directly in front of this female in a singular puff of smoke. This smoke hazed around his entity and eventually revealed his full torso. This technique was in fact such a fast form of transportation, that the odds of her actually noticing him would have been anywhere between slim and none. Upon arrival though, Reiketsu kept his distance. Leaving a good five yards between them to make sure no sudden movements could occur between either of them.

"You.. Why did you assault those ninja?" Was the first thing out of Reiketsu's mouth. He knew for a fact that whom ever this was; they were extraordinarily dangerous. Before giving her even a second to reply, his right hand erected itself forward, implying a 'halt' motion to keep her in place. "You better be prepared for the consequences" was a simple follow-up to his previous statement; making sure to add this in just before this unknown female could even hand out a reply. He kept his guard on high alert, studying her in the little time he had and making sure he could figure out her main form of tactic.

(OOC: This post fails so hard.. I wish I had the actual enthusiasm to make a decent reply @~@)

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PostSubject: Re: Mizukawa Kyouken no Izaiyo vs the Raikage. [Truce Beginning.]   Sun May 22, 2011 9:27 pm

This is gonna take us a while to get back in ta'. Too exhausted.
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PostSubject: Re: Mizukawa Kyouken no Izaiyo vs the Raikage. [Truce Beginning.]   

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Mizukawa Kyouken no Izaiyo vs the Raikage. [Truce Beginning.]
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