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 Watching the new generation with violet eyes (Open for Kiri shinobi)

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PostSubject: Watching the new generation with violet eyes (Open for Kiri shinobi)   Sat May 07, 2011 3:23 pm

As always, the mist was busy from the moment the sun rose above the treetops. Merchant`s were putting up new goods, while others already had opened. Some of the usual early birds was talking a stroll down the street, checking if anything intresting was selling. The air was filled with the scent of freshly made bread from the baker, and newly bloomed flowers from the various herb and green shops. With a gentle breeze blowing in from the west, the morning mist had been blown away, leaving the rising sun to shine from the blue sky. For many it was a normal day in the village, but for the academy students it was the special day of the week. For the past 3 years, the Mizukage had visited the academy each friday to observe them until afternoon, were she would return to her office. In the beginning, the elders had meant that it was a waist of time to visit the academy for so long, but when they saw the result of the academy, it became clear that it was a good idea. The weekly visit boosted the confidence of the new generation, while the Mizukage also formed stronger bonds with the villages. A leader is nothing without his/her people.

"I guess i am a bit to early huh?". Looking at the sky, it was confirmed that she was at least half an hour to early. Stroking a hand through the thigh long raven hair, the lady kage looked at the surroundings. Yaku had awoken early in the morning, which had forced her and Samu out of bed to stop the crying. He was 2 years old, yet he still acted like a baby now and then. Hei, who had been awoken by the crying, had then demanded to get breakfeast because of his growling stormach. Had it not been for Samu`s quick thinking of making coffe and eggs on the same time, it would have been a disaster. Junko smiled a little to herself, despite his teasing remarks, her husband was a good father. An early morning agurment broke out between a customer and a merchant, which broke Junko out of her thoughts.

Glancing for a moment in the direction, she shrugged with the shoulder and put on her haori. The sleeveless dark violet haori reached down to her knees, being hand sewed to fit her form. It could be closed, but Junko always keept it open during the summer and spring. The inner of the haori was black, and a large black chimera was spread across the back of it. At last, the kanji for mizukage was lined on the end of the haori, and on the collar. The rest of her clothing was not so "flashy": a black top with a V cut, some ankel long pants, and a pair of flat black shoes for running and jumping. The mist headband was worn around her waist like a belt. Due to her curved body, jet black hair and energetic violet eyes, it was hard to see she was 23. Her mere height of 5.3, just concealed her real age more.

Having failed at finding anything to entertain herself, she looked towards the large old tree a few feet away. The tree itself had lots of small cuts and carvings in it, since students for generations had used it to train their aim before classes started. Laying her eyes on the old swing, she feld some nostalgia enter her body. Not caring if anybody saw her, she sat down on the old swing and moved her legs a little. It was designed for kids, but it could easily handle her 53 kilo`s. Junko didn`t swing on it, but instead held onto both of the ropes. Junko rested the left side of her ahead against the side of her right hand, looking at the academy. As the memories of her own days in the academy flooded up her heard, she sank into her own little world. The agurment down the street didn`t bother her anymore.
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PostSubject: Re: Watching the new generation with violet eyes (Open for Kiri shinobi)   Sat May 07, 2011 11:22 pm

Katsumi was the first to awake,like always,in his clan but this time he didn't wake up like he normally would, he woke up due to a nightmare about watching Jin his former sensei die in battle protecting him and his other two allies. He didn't get worried about getting dressed as he got up out of his bed and steeped outside since he had more then an hour before he had to do anything important. As he stepped outside he felt the cool wind touch his smooth skin, this was one of the few times that he was able to relax and not worry about anything in the ninja world or anything happening in his personal life. He stood outside for about half an hour longer before he went inside and put on his cloths. His normal attire consisted of a vibrant red sleeved jacket with two long thin tails hanging from the back, under it is a black shirt with three red belts. He wears a pair of black gloves and a pair of red steel toed boots. His mist On the collar of his jacket was his clans insignia: a small black Lateran, but was, for the most part, not noticed due to his rather large sword that laid across his back.

He walked outside his families small mansion only to see his cousin, Tsubaki standing there with her arms crossed glaring at him. Katsumi thought about why she could be standing there as it suddenly came back to him and he slapped his fore head. He had promised to walk her to her first day at the academy and he had forgotten all about it.he walked over to her and bent down so he could look her in the face with him requiring him to look down "I'm sorry Tsubaki i forgot you started at the academy but I'll tell you what if you still want me to walk you there I will and I will bye you some candy to make up for me forgetting OK" Katsumi said with a smile as he tried to earn her forgiveness. Her glare soon turned into a happy smile as ran behind him and jumped on his back,wrapping her arms around his neck. Katsumi was glad he won as he stood back up and sprinted off towards the the town market.

When he got there he and his cousin saw several people walking around the streets and merchants just now opening shop, but fortunately the one shop Katsumi was worried about was already open. He walked over the merchant and smiled as he said hello and told Tsubaki to choose whatever candy the merchant had for sale. She, being a child, chose the most expensive candy which was of no surprise to him. He put her down long enough so he could pay the man and give her the candy, which she began to eat, as he picked her back up and went to the academy. When they got there they didn't see any other students. Katsumi looked up at they sky and realized that they were about ten minutes to early. He bent down so she could jump off "Go ahead and wait inside you might get extra credit for being here early you never know". She smiled at him as she turned and ran to the class room. He stood back up and looked at the old tree that was close to the academy. He looked at the trees many training scars and Katsumi felt nostalgic. His eye wondered from the tree to the old swing set and that is when he saw the mizukage just siting there. He dashed off towards her "Lady mizukage...lady mizukage what are you doing here" Katsumi yelled as he got closer to her.
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PostSubject: Re: Watching the new generation with violet eyes (Open for Kiri shinobi)   Sun May 08, 2011 4:56 pm

Having gotten lost in her own little world, Junko haden`t noticed the arrivial of the silver sparrows. The silver sparrows were common birds in the hidden mist, and it was in the spring time that they would build their nests. The old tree was currently the nesting ground for 2 bird couples, meaning that their chirping offspring could be heard clearly. The peaceful chirping was intterupted, by a male voice calling her out. Moving her head away from her hand, she noticed one of the jounin of the village comming running towards her, asking what she was doing. The sparrow couple currently on the ground took off as he came closer, seeking safety between the leafs of the tree.

"Good morning, Katsumi-san". Lifting her right hand in a small greeting, she remained on the swing since it wasen`t time to meet in yet. "I always visit the academy each friday, its a great way to boost the confidense of the new generation". She was a little surprised over Katsumi not knowing about the weekly visit. Considering he was 31 years old, and his rank, he would normally have heard about such things. Well, not everyone could be well informed. Feeling herself awake again, she began to swing a little, letting her feet stay on the ground through.

"Its these peaceful days i will miss once i grow old and wrinkled...i`m already a old lady, so i have to savor the memories the best i can". While 23 was a young age considering her rank, she was already a mother of two and had been married for 5 years. "My sons grow and so does the students..". The lady kage smiled briefly to herself, letting her violet eyes fall onto the taller Katsumi. "What brings you here by the way?".
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PostSubject: Re: Watching the new generation with violet eyes (Open for Kiri shinobi)   

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Watching the new generation with violet eyes (Open for Kiri shinobi)
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